Police arrest technique for police and security personnel

Expert courses and workshops are available that cover practical self defence, arrest technique, confrontation management skills and a range of subjects related to enforcement of statute in non passive situations.

The difference between police tuition and security training

There is a clear division between police tuition and security training, because the use of force in each case has different legal repercussions.

Reasonable force v Excessive force

In today's world the use of force has to not only be effective, but must also be deemed reasonable according to the circumstances.
The use of reasonable force takes professional instruction: it is not a pugilistic 'hit and miss' affair, but a science that must be taught within the structure of the legal requirements of the individual organization.

The threat of litigation

Today's police and security officers face an ever increasing threat of litigation with allegations of excessive force. This type of problem can be drastically minimized with professional tuition.

Psychology of confrontation

Confrontation management is not simply about technique. The training given at Elite deals carefully with the psychological aspects of confrontation.
The emotional education of those who have to confront violent situations is considered. Great emphasis is placed on low key resolution of situations, and recognising and preventing escalation.

Be effective and be legal

Techniques range from covert restraints to overt skills in high risk situations.
Each weapon of restraint in a police officers repertoire must be used effectively and must be used within the legal guide lines. The use of baton, side handle baton, extending baton, speed cuffs (quick cuffs), standard cuffs, CS gas, mace sprays and other enforcement equipment all require highly professional instruction.

Why you should trust Elite

Elite has been involved in confrontation management worldwide since 1978. Its tuition has grown from both experience and result. The founder of Elite International, Michael Finn, wrote the first Home Office accepted book on police arrest in Britain as far back as 1977.
Michael Finn won the British National Police Judo Championships in the 1960's and spent several years studying and training in Japan, in particular with the Tokyo Riot Police, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. He was invited back to Britain by the City Of London Police, who wanted to put his expert knowledge to good use. He has advised several police forces, and has been consulted by the Home Office on various matters relating to police arrest and similar subjects. Michael Finn was a registered instructor in police arrest and stop and search procedures with the American Military. He has taught both American police officers and the military in the skills of confrontation management.

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