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Seitei Iaido
The official All Japan Iaido Federation sword drawing techniques.
This video gives a powerful insight into the real concepts of Seitei Iaido.
The viewer is taken from the fundamental principles of using the sword through to the intricate details of each form. Guidance and tips are given on the main points of sword drawing, including the drawing; cutting; shaking off the blood; and the resheathing of the sword.
Each technique is first demonstrated and is then examined in detail, making this video an excellent training aid.
The techniques are demonstrated by Michael Finn Sensei, 4th dan black belt in Seitei Iaido of the All Japan Iaido Federation.
About Seitei Iaido
Iaido is the traditional Japanese skill of quickly drawing a sword and was practiced to deal with sudden encounters. It is practiced today for the purpose of self perfection.
The heart of this Samurai tradition has been retained by the All Japan Iaido Federation in a formal system known as Seitei Iaido.
The Seitei Iaido of the All Japan Iaido Federation has been drawn from several traditional schools of swordsmanship and represents a cross section of Japan’s sword drawing tradition.
Videos are VHS and are available in PAL format only.
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