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Traditional Nunchaku
Traditional Nunchaku: a video intended for the serious student of nunchaku.
Over the past few years, the rice flails have been popularised and sensationalised.
This video shows the fundamental and traditional concepts of training in this weapon.
It does not show the fast, slick, spinning and gymnastic routines that are so beloved of TV and the movies.
What it does show are the traditional applications that are not so spectacular but which were of effective and practical use in the feudal environment from which they were derived.
The video first shows the techniques individually, then in a number of pair form kata, that are intended to help you appreciate the manner in which these individual techniques are used in a variety of applications.
The video is easy to follow, with the emphasis on safety in training and on correct application of the principles of nunchaku training.
Videos 11. 12. and 13. cover the nunchaku, rokushakubo, and sai of the ‘te’ systems of the Ryukyu islands. The three are compatible and will be of use if you are interested in ‘karate weapons’.
Videos are VHS and are available in PAL format only.
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