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Traditional Rokushakubo
Traditional Rokushakubo: an instructional video on the Rokushakubo (6 foot staff).
The Rokushakubo (6 foot staff) is one of the traditional weapons of the ‘te’ systems of the Ryukyu islands.
This video demonstrates the fundamental and practical techniques that are a part of traditional training.
The techniques are demonstrated first in single form with easy to follow explanations, and good advice on training and safety is offered.
The application of this weapon against another Rokushakubo is then demonstrated in a series of fast and effective forms. These forms are practised and developed by the exponent in order that total and uninhibited control of the rokushakubo is mastered.
Videos 11. 12. and 13. cover the nunchaku, rokushakubo, and sai of the ‘te’ systems of the Ryukyu islands. The three are compatible and will be of use if you are interested in ‘karate weapons’.
Videos are VHS and are available in PAL format only.
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