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Traditional Sai
A video on the traditional applications of the sai.
The sai, steel weapons with tines, are used in pairs.
This video demonstrates the traditional way in which they were used.
This video takes you from traditional basic technique to pair form applications which lead to defences against the rokushakubo.
The sai can be spectacular to watch: flashing steel in each hand, moving with amazing speed as they deflect, trap, and ensnare the opponents weapon, the shafts used to strike and thrust until the opponent has been controlled.
Videos 11. 12. and 13. cover the nunchaku, rokushakubo, and sai of the ‘te’ systems of the Ryukyu islands. The three are compatible and will be of use if you are interested in ‘karate weapons’.
The video is easy to follow and ideal for the weapons enthusiast.
Videos are VHS and are available in PAL format only.
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