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Tomiki Aikido: the Dai San no Kata
The fifty techniques of the Dai San no Kata: kneeling, standing, knife, sword, staff use, staff taking, sword against sword.
The Dai San Kata is one of the cornerstones of Tomiki Aikido and is shown here in it's original format.
The Dai San is the most versatile kata of Tomiki Aikido. The 50 techniques include kneeling; standing; knife defence; sword defence; staff defence; staff use; and sword against sword.
Each technique is demonstrated at normal speed and then shown again in slow motion, with close ups of the salient points that make the technique effective.
The potential of this kata is limitless. These forms express the flow and versatility of Aikido and illustrate the link between Aikido and the traditional weapons of feudal Japan.
If you study Aikido and want to know the potential of this versatile kata, shown in easy to follow format, then this is the video for you.
Videos are VHS and are available in PAL format only.
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