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Judo Power
Judo Power is an informative and easy to follow video.
Judo was one of the first martial arts to reach the west.
It is now an Olympic sport and has followers throughout the world.
It was founded by master Jigoro Kano around 1882, when he established the Kodokan Judo institute in Tokyo.
This video is a compilation of the techniques of Kodokan Judo.
There are a large number of techniques on this video, making it a great reference source for the exponent who wants a wide repertoire to choose from.
It includes leg throws; body throws; sacrifice throws; groundwork holds; strangles; and arm locks.
The techniques are first demonstrated in dynamic form which relates to actual application, and are then shown in slow motion and accompanied by detailed explanations.
Videos are VHS and are available in PAL format only.
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