Mike Finn - Expert Witness - antecedents

As a leading western authority on Martial Arts, Mike Finn is on file with the Guinness Book Of Records, who know of no one more qualified in this field. His Japanese qualifications include 40 black belts in 10 martial arts. He has taught and advised on police arrest methods to the City of London, Metropolitan, and American police forces. He is author of the Home Office approved book called Police Arrest Techniques. He is an accredited expert witness in his field.

Michael Finn has studied martial arts since 1955, first in Britain, then in Japan. He is well known as both writer and author in this field and has trained for a number of years in Japan and qualified, under their foremost authorities in many aspects of martial arts. He was requested to return to Britain in 1970 by the City Of London police force who wanted to make use of his expert knowledge. He is a registered instructor for the American military in the field of arrest and restraint methods. Michael Finn is one time winner of the National Police Judo Championships and represented Britain in the World Kendo Championships in Japan.

He has a wide experience of the training, formalities, traditions, history and customs of a varied range of martial skills. Apart from his role as expert witness, he has often been called upon to give authoritative views and advice to both the press and the media. He has lectured on the subject of martial arts to various universities, including Durham and Cambridge. Michael Finn is a full time professional in the field of martial arts and has spent 51 years making a comprehensive study of this subject. He has frequently been called as an expert to give evidence in both civil and criminal cases involving various martial arts, self defence, misuse of weapons and violence in general.

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